Recently as part of Port-to-Port services, we cooperate with representative of International Maritime Fumigation Organization (IMFO) in Italy, CDL Company with head office in Livorno.

IMFO aims at world-wide standards for the eradication of stored product insects in all stages of infestation by in-transit fumigation whether in bulk, bagged or containerised cargoes.

It is world-wide coordinated service of efficient, safe, guaranteed results in accordance with the United Nations International Maritime Organisations (IMO) recommendations.

As results of carried out works CDL sent us letter of response with confirming European level of professionalism and appropriate for technical level Scallops crew, based on quality of fumigated cargo by fumisleeves methods and installed recirculation system.

We continuously making efforts for keeping up our employees competence in international level, that’s why is so important for us receive this acknowledgment.